the marketplace

Pildora is an online community and marketplace for emerging sustainable fashion, accessories, and beauty brands. Our focus is on environmental consciousness and social impact, and our goal is to eliminate the stigma associated with sustainable fashion and give designers a voice via our platform.

Fashion that heals the Planet

Our mission is to lead a positive impact revolution by connecting impactful brands from all over the world with conscious consumers who are ready to make a bold statement through their fashion, values, and ethics.

Christina Almeida


Christina Almeida was born in the United States and raised in Chihuahua, Mexico. She moved to Dallas, Texas when she was six.
Growing up as a Mexican-American she gained a unique perspective on the world. She believes,

we are all citizens of the planet and we are all connected

After recognizing the suffering of the planet's inhabitants and ecosystems, Christina decided it was time to take a stand by launching her company and creating a sustainable business. Pildora was the inevitable outcome of her passion to create much needed change on our planet. As a female entrepreneur living in New York City, Christina founded Pildora Enterprises LLC., in February 2018.

Christina has lived and studied in several countries around the world, including France and Mexico, and continues to build and maintain international relationships. Her mission is to build a large global network and community of sustainable individuals and brands. She believes together we can create a positive impact and change the world.

the process

To sell with Pildora, a brand must meet our sustainability standards. When evaluating a brand to determine whether it’s a good fit, we start with the three E’s: Environmental, Ethical, and Economical. These checkpoints help us identify brands that align directly to our marketplace’s mission.

The global designer interview and discovery process is one that is handled with detail and care. Designers receive an initial questionnaire, which evaluates key sustainable items. These include the brand’s environmental efforts, production process, material sourcing, fair trade practices, waste management, and overall transparency. Pildora also asks for documentation and/or footage of workplaces and factories as supporting evidence of ethical working conditions.

Pildora goes beyond being just a marketplace. We work with our designers to continue improving sustainability practices and overall sellability. We uphold our sustainable mission by creating a conversation with designers who are already making tremendous sustainable efforts, while guiding others to a more sustainable future. Once Pildora is confident our values are aligned with a brand and we can attest to their sustainable efforts, designers are officially Pildora verified and ready to sell.