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What is Pildora?

What is Pildora?

Pildora is a conscious lifestyle brand that inspires our community to care for themselves, others, and the planet. Through our shop, Pildora offers sustainable wellness, beauty, and fashion products curated specifically to better the lives of our community emotionally, physically, and mentally.

Christina Rae Almeida launched Pildora in 2020 with the idea to build not just a shop but an empowered community that inspires people to care for themselves, those around them, and the planet we inhabit.

As a recovering addict and alcoholic, Christina has spent several years working on herself spiritually, physically, and emotionally and has devoted her life to helping others through sharing her experiences and growing knowledge. She believes wellness starts from reconnecting to yourself but continues only by connecting to others and our planet. Through compassion and connection, Pildora is committed to creating a safe space of like-minded individuals to be themselves and to grow with us.

A mission that
starts with community

What makes the Pildora community so special is every unique individual who is a part of it. We value inclusivity and building a diverse community of individuals of all ages, cultures, and backgrounds passionate about sustainability and wellness. Through raising awareness, compassion, and connection, we hope to inspire our community of empowered and like-minded individuals to be themselves and to grow with us.


The Three E’s

We source our products from brands that are just as passionate about creating a positive impact on our planet as we are. In our evaluation process, we have brands complete a sustainability questionnaire that looks at the three E’s: Environmental, Ethical, and Economical impact. These brands must meet our sustainability standards. Once accepted, these brands join our growing Pildora family! By working with brands that match our sustainable and ethical values, we believe we can continue to advocate for our planet and its people.

Giving Back

At Pildora we believe in giving back to people and the planet. 2% of your purchase will be donated to a nonprofit of your choice on behalf of Pildora. Currently, we are partnering with: LES Ecology Center, Everglades Angels Dog Rescue, Mujeres Latinas En Accion, and Plant with Purpose, Mexico.


A Passionate Pildora Family

Founder and CEO
Chief Operating Officer (COO)
Chief Marketing Officer
Director of Creative and Content
Product and Inventory Coordinator

Our growing Pildora family is made up of team members who live in different areas around the United States and Mexico. We believe only together can we truly create a positive impact, and we are ready to do so through Pildora.