Pildora is an online community for sustainable fashion, accessories, and beauty brands centered on wellness, environmental consciousness and self-love. Our mission is to create a community around clean living and sustainability through our online shop. Sustainability is a lifestyle that starts with you.

Pildora NOW is our curated online store that features a selection of our favorite sustainable, ethical and clean beauty and fashion brands from all over the world. Each season Pildora picks exclusive items for this collection. Items on Pildora NOW ship within 48 hours of orders being placed.

Our Process

Pildora Now works with established impactful brands that meet our sustainability standards. When evaluating a brand to determine whether it’s a good fit, we start with the three E’s: Environmental, Ethical, and Economical. These checkpoints help us identify brands that align directly with our marketplace’s mission.

Orders placed on Pildora Now are shipped within 48 hours from our fulfillment center in Pennsylvania. Our goal is to get our sustainable goodies to you as quickly, efficiently and environmentally friendly as possible.