If there’s one lesson we learned from 2020, it’s to be more thankful in everything you do and for those you surround yourself with. At Pildora, we are grateful for our amazing team of women, the beautiful community we have cultivated, and all the progress we have made as a country to create a better future for our environment and our lives. 

At Pildora, we want to give thanks to everyone who helped us adapt, grow, and become who we are today. To show our appreciation, we’re having our first Holiday Sale. Use code “Grateful10” at checkout to receive 10% off your purchases sitewide. 

Check out some sustainable outfit ideas for all those upcoming holiday festivities, and don’t forget to spread love and joy this holiday season. 

Outfit 1: Santa Elena Dress 

Minimalism and neutral tones are a major mood this year, and we are here for this organic ribbed jersey dress. 

The Santa Elena Dress

Outfit 2: Frolic Shirt Dress Mini 

Make your presence the present at this year’s holiday party with this festive piece made with organic cotton and a fair trade taffeta sash. The fabulous ruffles and raw bias trims on the statement sleeves add extra drama.

The Frolic Shirt Dress Mini

Outfit 3: Starry Sweatdress

Sweater weather meets the holiday party with this cozy getup that’s guaranteed to hide all the goodies you’ll be eating this season. What’s better than being stylish and cozy? That’s right, nothing. 

The Starry Sweatdress

Just because your holiday plans may look different this year doesn’t mean your style needs to! For all your holiday attire, Pildora marketplace has you covered! And as an extra thank you for your support during this trying year, use code “Grateful10” for 10% off your purchase site-wide! Remember to share the love and gratitude this year during your holiday season, and do so in style!