Photoshoots as we know them may look forever different in this new world. However, the last full production photoshoot we did was successfully sustainable and safe. So how did we do it?

Being more sustainable in the production process can be a tricky feat, but here at Pildora we know every step counts. With this in mind, we are giving you three of our best tips to create a low-waste editorial that will impress even your most sustainably driven colleagues and friends. 

The Clothing 

The easiest way to make your shoot more sustainable is to use secondhand clothing/accessories when possible. Behind the camera you won’t be able to tell the difference between your secondhand basics and brand new single-use pieces. Our model, Anne Therese, is wearing full looks from our own closets while showcasing a Pildora accessory as the main focus. Using only secondhand clothing reduces your carbon footprint and ultimately saves money. 

Need something the secondhand store doesn't offer? Look to borrow pieces for the shoot from connections and brands you work with. Here at Pildora we are always borrowing items from like-minded brands to showcase in our shoots. 

sustainable photoshoot


Next up are the props. Props can make or break a photoshoot, so we always recommend minimal props that don’t take away from the model. However, the most sustainable props are thrifted or items you already own. For instance, for this photoshoot, the furniture used were pieces we already owned, and they were just enough not to overwhelm the model or the outfits. Another prop we used was dried flowers from our local farmer’s market. This item has longevity and is compostable, which allows for a beautiful accessory and decoration for the office after the shoot!

sustainable photoshoot

NO plastic 

Last, but not least, we try to minimize the use of plastic in any way we can. We know shooting can take the better part of the workday. Because of this, production environments often take advantage of easy-to-eat plastic-wrapped foods. Instead of giving into this, we try to get fresh bakery items and/or fruit that is clean of any plastic. We also always suggest our team bring their food in reusable containers, which is a great way to minimize waste.

Creative Director: Christina Almeida

Model: Anne Therese

Photographer: Federica Dall'Orso

Hair: Valerie Vanessa

Makeup: Sasha Cruz

Styling: Rachel Dolecheck // Helena Yang