The beauty industry creates billions of units of packaging every year. Packaging is the number one contributor to plastic production in the world and a major cause of plastic waste pollution. The point is, the beauty industry creates a lot of waste! And oftentimes these products can be full of toxic chemicals, both for our skin and our environment. Which is why it’s so important to do your research when choosing your skincare routine…or you can let us do it for you!

At Pildora, we believe in a clean, sustainable skincare routine that leaves you glowing and feeling absolutely guilt-free. So, let's get to the fun stuff, the clean beauty products and you!

Step 1: Sustainable Cleanser

The first step is always to cleanse your beautiful face. Today, there is so much icky sticky stuff flying around in our air that you can't see, so let’s get that shit out. Cleanse away with Moon Milk from Fat and the Moon, which is coming soon to Pildora Now. 

Step 2: Exfoliator or Mask

Next, we get deep. Depending on your time, you can choose to exfoliate or use a mask. We recommend sitting back with a glass of wine and enjoying Anato’s Forest Kelp mask. Feel the freshness on your skin as you slowly remove the mask... Ooooo aahhhh. Yah.

Step 3: Clean Cream 

The most essential steps in achieving that guilt-free glow come next. Use your moisturizer to hydrate your newly cleansed skin. We recommend All Cream from Fat and the Moon, made from all natural, delicious ingredients, and can be used on your body as well! Also coming soon to Pildora Now. 

Step 4: Sustainable Face Oil 

Last, but not least, is everyone’s favorite: face oil. A face oil, also called serum or elixir, is the final touch to getting your gorgeous skin to glow brighter than ever and keeping it that way through nourishment. For this, use Anato’s regenerative elixir, which is infused with rose petals. 

There you have it—four sustainable skincare steps to glowing your way to a clean beauty routine and making everyone around you ask, “What has she been doing with her skin?” “Well, it’s simple,” you’ll say, “Keeping it clean and sustainable.” 

Written by Christina Almeida, Founder and CEO of Pildora