Community | 12 May, 2021

Pildora X Bossa Clean Beauty Masterclass

by Christina Almeida

Last month, Pildora hosted a clean beauty masterclass in partnership with Bossa, a boutique based in Miami. We had so much fun showing all of you how to use our clean and sustainable beauty products to create glamorous yet natural makeup looks, on our beautiful model Thais Martins.

To do so, we brought in a makeup artist, Angelique Cecchetti, but don’t worry, you don’t have to be a professional! Check out this step by step breakdown of Angelique ‘s Clean Beauty Masterclass and all the Pildora products you need to follow along.

Step 1: Prepare your skin

We all know that glowing comes from healthy and hydrated skin, which means one of the most important steps in this beauty routine, is to properly prepare the skin by moisturizing. Add in all the essentials with the All Cream, and lock it in with Beauty Oil. Adding an oil moisturizer after cream means that the moisture stays sealed into your skin and won’t evaporate. 

Step 2: Lay the foundation

Literally! And of course, it’s going to be an all natural foundation. Begin with the “Un” Cover-Up Cream Foundation for an even and silky base. Go into the under eyes, nose bridge, chin, and all other high points of the face with “Un” Cover-Up Concealer in a lighter shade. Finally, add definition and warmth with Tinted “Un” Powder

Step 3: Add in the natural flush, and glow. 

Natural, flawless skin is created by subtle layering of products that aren’t going to get cakey.  Layer Master Radiance Base, a warmer highlight, over the areas that you have defined with the Tinted “Un” Powder, focusing on the cheekbones. Next, brighten up your glow at only the highpoints of the face, with the Living Lumizer. The effect of subtly layering highlighter is a deep shimmer that mimics natural radiance, instead of a “swiped on” highlighter look. Add in a Lip2Cheek cream blush to give color to the apples of your cheeks, and if you’re going for an extra flushed look, the tip of your nose, and on your brow bone.


Step 4: Decorate your eyes

The focus of any makeup look are the eyes. First, we need to frame the eye though. For brow fullness and color, use Back2Brow. Now time for the eyes! Using the Rose Quartz Crystal Gemstone Palette, blend the deeper shades into the outside of the eye, and into the eye crease. On the center of the lid gently apply the lighter shades, while also adding the brightest, into the corners of your eye for a wide awake look. The icing on the cake, and always the last step is of course the mascara. This Volumizing Mascara expands and fills lashes, while also nourishing them.