Community | 9 Jan, 2020

Canna Project: Female-owned Sustainable Fashion Brand Empowers Women in Mexico

by Pildora

Canna’s designers, Ana Paula Ramirez and Mariana Vigil believe that Pildora aligns with their values and offers trustworthy sustainable practices in the US market. Their excitement stemmed from their knowledge of what goes on behind the scenes with different retailers that claim they are green but produce goods in unethical ways within Mexico.

Canna Project Founders: Ana Paula Ramirez and Mariana Vigil

Canna Project: sustainable and fair trade

The seeds for Canna Project as a brand were planted over a simple cup of coffee between childhood friends Ana Paula and Mariana. They agreed there was a gap in the Mexican market and beyond for high-quality, fashion-forward pieces that keep sustainable fair trade practices top of mind. 

From that moment, they agreed to create a brand that would change this, and Canna Project was born. 

Like Pildora, Canna Project is a brand committed to empowering women in a country where doing so has historically been very challenging and continues to be today. In the Mexican labor force, women still lag behind men in employment. There are only 44.1% of women in the labor force, compared to 79% of men. Women are more heavily engaged in the informal economy and unpaid work. Women perform more than 75% of duties, such as unpaid housework and childcare.

Ana Orgullosa Otomi, mother of eight sons, craftswoman on the Canna team. The tabs are separated, cleaned, and woven one by one to the bag.

Canna Project works to address these problems by supporting women who are in vulnerable situations and creating jobs for them. Each bag has a working time of 40 hours, and women are allowed to create their own schedules and work from home. The stylish bags are woven from recycled threads and pull tabs from cans that are donated to them by the local community that believes in and wants to support their project.

There is so much more to Mexico than many people in the US realize. It’s not just sand, sun, and margaritas. Mexico is a beautiful place full of inspiring designers and artisans who put their hearts into each piece and one-of-a-kind creations. Like everywhere today, Mexico has its problems, but it also has its gems, like Ana Paula and Mariana from Canna Project. We couldn’t be more excited to share their story and their brand with the world through Pildora. You will be able to shop Canna Project very soon exclusively in the US on coming January 2020.