Designer Expectations

As a Pildora Marketplace seller, you are responsible for abiding by the original sustainability questionnaire approval and you will have to participate in Pildora audits to ensure compliance with all sustainability standards presented.
Pildora shops are required to begin fulfilling orders within 24-48 hours of the order notification.
Pildora has a zero-tolerance policy for brands leaving reviews on their own products to push forward sales. All reviews must be presented by real customers who have tried the product to leave an honest and ethical response for other shoppers.
We expect all Pildora shops to uphold the same set of values as Pildora itself. Therefore, in the case where you are communicating with customers or the Pildora team, it is in a respectful, timely manner.
In the case that you have a longer lead time or made to order pieces, this needs to be clearly stated in the product description along with the brand profile. Failure to clarify lead time and send out within the stated time frame can result in the loss of the personal brands Pildora Shop.
All language and images within the descriptions must be positive and clean to match the Pildora values.
If there is no specified timeline stated, you must send the product out within 48 hours along with a tracking number for customer reference.
At Pildora, we value transparency. Transparency means that you honestly and accurately represent yourself, your items, and your shop. Designer will:
  • Be transparent about all sustainability aspects of your items
  • Provide honest, accurate information in your profile
  • Honor your Return and Exchange Policy
  • Accurately represent your items in the photos and description.
Send purchased items to customers as they appear in the pictures on the Pildora Marketplace. There may be slight variations for color and other handmade occurrences.
Any issues with the product will first be handled by the designer. If there are continuous issues Pildora will offer assistance in communication with the buyer.
We take reviews on the site very seriously and will check in if we see negative responses on a particular store for an appropriate explanation. If customer complaints continue we may ask you to step down as a seller.
Return Policies & Shipping Policies must be clearly stated on the profile. If it is not stated and the customer complains, it is up to the designer to reconcile the situation. If customers request returns or cancelations, please respond promptly within 24-48 hours.
If you do not specify a flat shipping rate on your shop, you will be responsible for covering shipping costs.
Stay professional in all communication with both the Pildora team and Pildora customers. Failure to do so risks your removal from the marketplace.