Giving Back

Pildora aims to get sustainable products to customers quickly while giving back to people and the planet. 10% of our annual profits will go to an organization in Mexico, Vida Digna, which supports the health and education of Indigenous Tarahumara people of Chihuahua, where founder Christina grew up.

Vida Digna provides opportunities for all-round development for children of the Sierra Tarahumara. This means looking after and strengthening the children’s education and overall well-being. Vida Digna believes that children are the future of this important ethnic group and that the children are key to preserving it. They work within a framework of respect and empathy for their customs and traditions.

At Fundación Vida Digna they work to promote well-being and growth in the communities of the Sierra Tarahumara through the support of various projects in areas such as education, health and access to water.

We also dedicate certain months to give back to other organizations and nonprofits that we believe in. For Black History Month (2021) we will be donating to The Equal Justice Initiative. EJI is a nonprofit that supports underrepresented communities of color. They are committed to ending mass incarceration and excessive punishment in the United States.