Wellness | 12 Apr, 2021

Helpful Tips for Restorative Sleep

by Christina Almeida

We’ve all heard about the sleep sermon: that seven hours is ideal and anything less can leave you feeling groggy and checked out. But, is checking off the “hours” box enough?

Sleep is our time to heal, reset, and grow. During sleep our bodies repair themselves, our cells regenerate, and our metabolism and hormones are regulated. Because of this, sleep is extremely important to both our physical and mental health. During sleep, you cycle between four stages of sleeping. The most restorative sleep occurs during deepsleep, and REM cycles. 

Working toward healthy sleep cycles, and restorative REM sleep has so much more to do than just an “hour” checklist. Turns out that when it comes to restorative sleep, quality is just as important as quantity. 

Below are four tips to help you prepare for a night of restorative sleep.

Cut Out Blue Light

 It’s not uncommon that a nighttime routine is bookended by mindless scrolling. And why does online shopping seem to be the funnest at three in the morning?  Blue light, however, has serious effects on our ability to sleep. 

Exposure to light suppresses melatonin production. This makes sense for humans who have evolved to want to be awake during light hours, and asleep when it’s dark. During the day, blue light can be beneficial, as it boosts attention and concentration, but at night, blue light suppresses melatonin exponentially harder than other light, meaning the more you look at your devices, the less natural sleep chemical your body will produce. 

The tip? Try and put away (or at least limit) your devices for at least an hour before bed.

Relax Your Mind

So, your devices are away and your sitting on your bed thinking, “Now what?” We may have an alternative! The key to restorative sleep lies in our mindset before bed. I mean, how many of us got a great nights sleep after tossing and turning in worry? Combining a mind that won’t stop talking,  with the fact that high stress levels (cortisol) inhibits sleep, it becomes clear that cultivating peaceful energy is super important for restorative sleep. 

The tip? Before bed, make a list of all the things you are grateful for, and bring attention to the love that you have in your life. Meditate on this, and feel the joy rushing over you. To enhance the experience, try incorporating crystals! 

On a cellular level, both Raw Quartz and the human body are made up of silicon-dioxide—a mineral that fuels communication and attracts energy. Due to this, there is an interactive relationship between the quartz and your energy. Its programmability allows it to hold your specific, focused intention. The Clear Quartz Crystal Points are perfect for directing healing energy and calming your mind before bed.

For extra self love, pamper yourself with Kakadu Evening Beauty Elixer, powered by kakadu super fruit, that brightens as it repairs for smoother, energized, glowing skin. This potent blend of exquisite oils and supercharged botanicals feeds skin overnight, so you’ll wake up fresh-faced and glowing. Beauty sleep in a bottle!

Relax Your Body

Sometimes, no matter how zen you are, your physical body may carry tension from your day, or feel sore from a extra long hike or work out. The Tip? Instead of popping chemical painkillers, opt for a more natural relaxation route with CBD, marijuana’s chill cousin that won’t get you high, but has everything you need to relieve aches and pains. 

This Feel Better CBD Kit comes equipped with a balm for full body relief of aches and pains, a drop for relaxation from the inside out, and a headache roller, for targeted relief. Infused with essential oils, arnica, and shea butter, the CBD relieves anxiety and nourishes your skin while relaxing the body. Triple threat!

Take Natural Sleeping Aides

For those who want a extra push into dreamland, but don’t want to drink a chemical potion or take a habit forming pill every night, natural sleeping aides are definitely something to consider. Incorporating sleeping aids, like ZZZZs Nootropics doesn’t mean you’re cheating the system, it means you’re providing your body with the right supplements and signals so that it can fully relax into deep REM cycles. 

Combining 5HTP to increase brain serotonin levels (um, yes please!) with calming amino acids and the dietary minerals magnesium and zinc, ZZZZs supports quality sleep, naturally. To start your journey into restorative sleep, take one capsule 30 minutes before bed. 

Now, you’ve got all you need. Happy sleeping!