Wellness | 15 Mar, 2021

Lisa Li is Cultivating Qi through Flower Power

by Christina Almeida

With all the wellness knowledge out there, with every product and procedure at our finger tips, it seems like bliss should be just around every corner, right? Still, at some point in our lives, we’ve probably all thrown our hands up and said “something isn’t working.” What Lisa Li, founder of The Qi, understands is that wellness isn’t always tangible, and it definitely isn’t the kind of cure all that some of us have been searching for. Founded in 2018, The Qi’s mission is to cultivate and share the healing power of Qi through flowers.  

Directly translated, Qi means “air,” but it also has a much more complex meaning. Just like the universe is a macrocosm, our bodies make up a microcosm, a perfect reflection of the wider universe. In eastern philosophy, it is understood that what unites these two universes are the laws of life itself, Qi (chi), the energy in all things, the life force that guides us.

For both spiritual and medical health, cultivating and balancing Qi is paramount and that journey is called qigong. With intention, every aspect of our lives, all of our rituals, beliefs, possessions, and relationships can be qigong. While we may have different words for it, this is one of Pildora’s underlying philosophies, and the reason why we work with brands like The Qi.

Image courtesy of The Qi

But Li’s qigong journey did not start with a business, it started in childhood. Growing up in a coastal town in Asia, Li often drank herbal teas with her grandma. “Those moments were some of the most nourishing and healing times of my life,” Li writes, “Holistic wellness for me as a child was much like brunch . . . it was simply a way of a joyful life.” 

Cut to 20 years later, Li is booked and busy in New York, but also feeling stressed and unhappy. Wanting to go back to the time when happiness was as simple as a cup of tea with a loved one, Li traveled to Shangri-la, Yunnan. There, she discovered a unique type of rose that the locals enjoyed.

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Image courtesy of The Qi

One thing about Qi, is that while it is present in all life forces, it is believed to be most present in flowers in bloom. For Li, these special roses not only honored her relationship with her grandmother, but were a powerful tool to invite Qi into your life. When she realized that only those who lived in the remote villages on the high mountains next to Tibet had access to these unique flowers, she set out on a mission to share what she had found with the world. After over a year of research, tens of thousands of miles traveled, and hundreds of tastings, Li was finally ready to start The Qi – a company that blended the most exquisite floral aroma and returned holistic healing to its simple and time honored roots.

Now, the road to qigong is paved with flower petals. Lotus, rose, and chrysanthemum to be exact!