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La Sororité bridges the gap between sustainable and luxury fashion whilst supporting our female work force in Nepal. We work closely with our female workforce in Kathmadu to understand how we can best support them. We currently do this by providing good salaries and healthcare for them and their families. AtLa Sororité we care as much about the women who make our jumpers as the women who wear them. 

We hold our entire production process to a high standard regarding sustainability. We avoid all chemicals in our process (often used for softening cashmere, actually making ours last long and pill less) and only use biodegradable packaging. Cashmere of course as a natural fibre is not damaging for the planet and we produce in very small batches to make sure nothing is wasted. 

We are always striving to improve and develop our processes to make them more sustainable and ethical year on year.


We source all our cashmere from goats in the himalayas, we support nomad herding communites and only use the traditional method of taking the fibres from the goats. By hand combing the goat rather than shearing not only are we helping to keep this tradition alive but it is much gentler on the goat who needs the majority of its wool to stay warm in the harsh winters. The fibres collected are only those which have naturally dropped from the goat and this is done once a year in the warmer period. This not only ensures the safety and happiness of the goat but also the longest and most durable fibres for your jumper.

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