Óisín Ethical Clothing


Óisín (pronounced Ush-een) is an independant menswear brand that is focused on creating ethical and sustainable garments using a mix of recycled fabrics, organic fibres and bioplastic materials! The name Óisín was chosen for the brand because it was set up to reflect what I stand for as an individual and project the personal values that I feel are important. The brand is an extension of me, Óisín.

The intention is to continue creating more ethical and sustainable alternative garments for guys, incorporating more recycled and organic elements where suitable! 


Óisín uses certified organic cotton for the t-shirts, sourced from Italy and Turkey, and unbleached GOTS certified cotton for the label, sourced from India. As well as this, the swing tickets have been consciously made out of recycled paper fibres and the delivery bags have been made out of a bioplastic!

Shipping Policy

Óisín ships all of its products from the UK so this means that shipping times to the US will likely take 7-10 working days, using Parcelforce as the courier. Dispatches will typically take 1-2 working days also.  

Return Policy

You have 28 days from the receipt of purchase to return your Óisín garment back to me for a refund, as long as there are no visible signs of wearing, since the item will need to be acceptable for selling thereafter; this means (but is not exclusive to) no stains, no rips, no washing, no fading and no obstruction of the swing ticket. Thank you.

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