The Untrend Shop


The Untrend Shop is an upcycled vintage denim brand that creates one of a kind wearable art from unwanted thrifted denim garments and recycled texile scraps. Our goal is to re-imagine what ordinary thrifted denim garments can look like, all while avoiding harmful production practices or using any new materials. This brand is currently a one women show, created entirely by Aly from her Studio in Brooklyn, NY.

A trend is a general direction or movement towards something. In fashion this means everyone going after the same types of clothing or styles at the same time-often influenced by top fashion companies who dictate what is considered to be cool. At The Untrend Shop, our philosophy is to encourage people to embrace their personal style and wear clothing that enhances their confidence instead of feeling the need to have what's fashionable or "in". Having a special type of love and connecton to your clothing also decreases the fast fashion throw away culture we see so much today.


We source all of our denim garments from local thrift stores in Brooklyn, NY. All other materials used to adorn or reconstruct the garments are sourced from a local company called Fabscrap that collects unused or unwanted materials from fashion brands in Manhattan and makes them available to designers for reuse.

Shipping Policy

Your order will be shipped 3-5 business days from the day you place your order. Our carrier is USPS and you will be sent tracking info as soon as it is sent.

Return Policy

The Untrend Shop accepts returns of items that have not been worn or damaged in any way. You must contact Pildora within 7 days of delivery to be considered for the return. When we receive your return, we will determine whether the condition of the item is acceptable, and if it is you will receive a refund from Pildora through your original payment method within 7-10 business days. Please refer to Pildora's Shipping + Returns section for more information and instructions.

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