Sustainability | 17 May, 2021

Meet Pildora Blossom: A Sustainable & Non-toxic Candle

by Christina Almeida

This month, Pildora launched a non-toxic candle, Pildora Blossom, in collaboration with Le Coco, a sustainable candle company. Like anything else that we do, we value the story and intention just as much as the final product. Founded by Liggia Mancia, Le Coco is a brand created out of necessity. Liggia always loved candles, but after several years of constant allergies and back and forth with doctors, she started to realize that the candles she was burning were causing her constant sneezing and skin rashes. 

When one doctor suggested she stop burning candles, her symptoms began to fade. As it turns out, Liggia was having an adverse reaction to burning paraffin blend candles and fragrances that contain phthalates. (Side Note: If you burn candles but don’t experience these side effects, the ingredients of your candles still matter. While your body isn’t reactive, it’s still absorbing these chemicals! We encourage you to take a look at what you’re burning, and explore clean, non-toxic candle options!)

After the initial surprise wore off, Liggia decided she wasn’t ready to give up on something she loved so much. “I started to research how to make my own candles, and got a candle making kit which included soy wax and low quality fragrance oils. It took me around 5-6 months of testing and researching to learn more about the different types of waxes, wicks, scents and anything related with candle making,” says Liggia.  Once she shared her story with family and friends, Liggia got the motivation she needed to start her own line creating a line of top quality, budget friendly, and non-toxic candles. In December 2019, Le Coco was founded!

It was this commitment to non-toxic and sustainability that drew us to Le Coco, so of course, Pildora had to work with them!  Together, we created Pildora Blossom. Le Coco, meaning coconut in french, refers to the super star ingredient of Blossom, and all of Liggia’s candles: coconut oil. With apricot oil as the second ingredient, the all natural wax is not only safe to burn in your space, but actually nourishes your skin when melted. Hello massage oil!

Handmade in small batches of five at a time, with 100% lead free cotton wicks, Pildora Blossom is as sustainable as she is divine. The tin vessel that the candle comes in can be repurposed and there are no dyes, additives, paraffin, paragons, or animal products used. 

As for the aroma, we handpicked our favorite scents, chrysanthemum, patchouli, and orange oil for a bright and fresh scent that wasn’t a traditional floral or lavender.  Notes of chrysanthemum invite happiness and love into your space, while patchouli oil invites healing, and orange invites healing and prosperity. The result is an aroma that can either bring your space to life or compliment a relaxing atmosphere. 

One of Pildora’s philosophy is that what is good for you, should also be good for the planet, and vice versa! We believe that curating your space with candles, shouldn’t mean releasing toxins into it. Now, with Pildora Blossom, and thanks to Le Coco Candles, it doesn’t have to! We’re very excited to be sharing this candle with you, and hope that you love it!