Community | 1 Jun, 2021

Notes On: Living Consciously

by Christina Almeida

“Notes On” is an ongoing series where team Pildora reflects on the month’s editorial theme. June’s theme is “Living Consciously,” because that’s what Pildora is all about!

Christina Almeida, Founder

“Living consciously means being present and living in the now. When we live in the now, we allow ourselves to live in gratitude and appreciate the beautiful moments of the human experience that we so often forget to notice, like the scent of flowers nearby, the delicious taste of your favorite morning drink, or the warm feeling in your heart when someone smiles at you. Living consciously is slowing down just enough to be present and remember how amazing it truly is to be alive.”

Rachel Dolecheck, Marketing

“To me, living consciously means to live life to the fullest without compromising the future of our planet. I know that sounds cliché, but even the smallest steps can make a huge difference for our Mother Earth. Finding the coolest secondhand fits, trying amazing vegan food, or simply opting for a long walk instead of using a vehicle are simple things I do to live my best life while caring for the place I call home.”

Catherine Barcheski, Director of Operations

“This last year has turned me into a more conscious version of myself. Living consciously means taking time to think through your daily decisions (small and large) and how they may affect yourself, others, and the planet. I have seen this come out the most in small acts such as picking up trash in the parks, or thinking twice about the values of the brands from which I purchase.”

Helena Yang, Design and Sustainability

“How can we leave a smaller trace and tread more lightly on our only home, Earth? Living consciously to me means being mindful of my impact on the planet. From eating vegan to composting, I try to be conscious of how I can manage my own personal footprint. Our various ecosystems manage to live in harmony without us humans, so we should find a way to live in harmony with nature.”

Lee Phillips, Editorial and Copy Coordinator

“I think a lot of times we all confuse living consciously as a final destination that we arrive at after a series of epiphanies. For me, it’s more about the daily actions you take and the presence behind them. I’ve really had to unlearn the idea that once you “achieve” a certain level of peace, conscious living will just be automatic. That idea goes against the very nature of consciousness. It’s a practice. The gift is in the constant opportunity to practice it.”