Community | 29 Mar, 2021

Notes On: New Beginnings

by Christina Almeida

“Notes On” is an ongoing series where team Pildora reflects on the month’s editorial theme. April’s theme is “New Beginnings.” Hello Spring!

Christina Almeida, Founder

“Every breath is an opportunity for a fresh start. Open your eyes and notice the soft blue of the sky, listen and hear the whisper of the wind. Notice the rough formations along the tree you pass every morning as you slide your fingers along the bark. Stop dreaming of a past, and wishing for a future and start living today in gratitude, opening your heart to a completely new experience that is you.”

Rachel Dolecheck, Marketing

“To me, new beginnings, are a way to refresh any part of your life that might be feeling a bit dull. Daily routines can become monotonous, so maybe it’s time for a haircut, a new piece of clothing, perhaps even a new tattoo. Whatever it is—adding some kind of excitement to your life is totally my idea of new beginnings. Speaking of which, I’ll be rocking my new thrifted dress all Spring.”

Helena Yang, Design and Sustainability

“New beginnings are usually exciting and uncomfortable. They make me think about goals, personal growth, and where this new beginning will take me in the future. As we often hear, discomfort is where self-growth really begins. So even if starting something new can be intimidating and we don’t know exactly where it will take us – that’s when we hopefully learn and grow the most.”

Catherine Barcheski, Director of Operations

“I believe new beginnings should be thought of as a period of growth where the past did not disappear but instead played a prominent role in your personal growth journey. New beginnings can be refreshed with new perspective and even gratitude for trying times.”

Lee Phillips, Editorial and Copy Coordinator

“New beginnings can be misleading. I think a lot of people might think that new beginnings are about starting over with the goal of perfecting yourself. For me, new beginnings aren’t about starting over, they’re about taking what I’ve learned, what I know works, and dedicating myself to that. It’s about renewing my faith in my best self.”

Domenica Garcia, Social Media

“We are constantly experiencing “new beginnings” because life itself is made up of change. Things start and end all the time. To me the concept of new beginnings represents the opportunity to learn to embrace and accept change.”