Community | 3 May, 2021

Notes On: Rituals

by Christina Almeida

“Notes On” is an ongoing series where team Pildora reflects on the month’s editorial theme. April’s theme is “Rituals.” Thanks for tuning in!

Christina Almeida, Founder

“Rituals are simply habits that have become sacred to us. They are conscious daily practices that better our everyday lives through enriching our mind, bodies and spirits. I have developed a variety of daily rituals from my morning matcha and gratitude practice to my evening dance session and skincare routine. I believe these rituals keep my spirit vibrant and my soul shining. “

Rachel Dolecheck, Marketing

 “Rituals are so important to stay grounded especially in times of change. I have so many rituals that play an important role in my life, but my go-to ritual is cooking a yummy meal with my partner and enjoying it on our balcony overlooking the beautiful nature. It’s time like these that I can really enjoy the present moment in a life of chaos.” 

Helena Yang, Design and Sustainability

“Rituals to me are some kind of practice, that might bring relief, joy, or mindfulness into one’s day. Whether it’s doing my 10-minute meditations to help me decompress, or preparing and cooking my nightly dinners…rituals help me connect to the present moment.”

Lee Phillips, Editorial and Copy Coordinator

“To me, rituals are those things we do to honor ourselves. It’s kind of like our time to pray to the divine within us. It’s an offering to ourselves. I think what separates rituals from habits, is that aspect of spirit. It’s not something to uphold our day to day lives, or something that we do without thinking. Rituals go beyond thinking, it’s our way of speaking to ourselves without words.”

Domenica Garcia, Social Media

“To me rituals are defined by the intention that’s put on daily activities. I consider some of my daily routines rituals, like cooking, meditating or moving my body. When I do these activities I try to incorporate mindfulness and gratitude, making them a little bit more magical.”