Community | 2 Mar, 2021

Notes On: Women’s Empowerment

by Christina Almeida


“Notes On” is an ongoing series where team Pildora reflects on the month’s editorial theme. In honor of women’s history month, March’s editorial theme is Women’s Empowerment.


Christina Almeida, Founder




“Women’s empowerment means a lifetime of evolution and positive impact. It’s investing time and work into yourself so much so that it your energy spills over and consciously raises up all other women around you. It’s having a true thirst for knowledge, learning everyday and using that knowledge to better not only yourself but everyone you come in contact with and our planet. Women’s empowerment means caring just as much about impacting one individual persons life, as one million peoples lives. It’s truth, vulnerability, strength and freedom in the feminine and masculine combined.“



Rachel Dolecheck, Marketing




“Growing up as a woman, I always wanted to feel accepted by others. I eventually realized that acceptance was something I needed to feel within myself, so I began living my life the way I wanted to. Empowerment, to me, means inclusivity. It means to invite women to feel empowered, accepted and most importantly – loved.”


Helena Yang, Design and Sustainability



“To me women’s empowerment means equality and respect for all womxn. Living in a primarily patriarchal society, women still face inequality when it comes to access to healthcare, equal opportunity, and even just feeling safe. I also  think women have the ability to truly uplift and support one another because we understand the challenges thrown our way.”



Catherine Barcheski, Director of Operations




“Women empowerment means all women take part in the decision process of their life. This starts with gender equality and expands outward into other facets of the human experience. It is a reminder to lift each-other up and join forces towards a brighter tomorrow.”


Lee Phillips, Editorial and Copy Coordinator



“I believe that all of our power is already within us. To me, empowerment means allowing that power to flow through us. It’s not the addition of a new strength. Because I’m sensitive, that looks like being patient with myself and giving myself space to feel deeply. To me, women’s empowerment means giving other women the space and support they need to cultivate their inner power.”


Domenica Garcia, Social Media




“I feel the most empowered when I am comfortable taking up space and voicing my needs. For me, empowerment is about giving myself (and others) the space to let their inner voice shine.”