Clean Kits

Curated wellness and beauty bundles that save you money, too

  • Sale! Clean Kit: RMS straight up mascara, Aether diamond highlighter, Lip2cheek in Demure, RMS uncoverup concealer

    Clean Kit: Christina’s Daily Makeup Routine

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  • Sale! Anti Acne Routine with State of Kind, Fat & the moon pimple mud, and lavendar witch hazel

    Clean Kit: 3 Step Anti-Acne Routine

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  • Sale! Sustainable night skincare routine with ursa recovery cream, face wash, lavender witch hazel spray, and CBD based recovery cream

    Clean Kit: Christina’s Night Skincare Routine

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  • Sale! Skincare starter clean kit with ursa major face wash, 3 minute flash mask, and golden hour face cream

    Clean Kit: 3 Step Ursa Major Skincare Starter

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  • Sale! Mother's Day Bundle image of Noto Touch Benne pot, Fat and the moon all cream, and crushed diamond highlighter

    Clean Kit: Beauty Essentials

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  • Sale! Lavender shea butter and lavender witch hazel product images for Clean Kit

    Clean Kit: Lavender Essentials

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  • Sale! Summer Face & Body glow clean kit with noto glow stick, shimmery glow oil, and mini aether crystal palette

    Clean Kit: Summer Face and Body Glow

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  • Sale! Afternoon Relax Routine Clean Kit with Pildora Blossom Candle, honey, and tea tasting collection

    Clean Kit: Relaxing Afternoon Routine

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  • Sale! Morning Energy Bundle with matcha, mushroom tincture, and vegan boost vitamin

    Clean Kit: Morning Energy Supplements

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  • Sale!

    Clean Kit: 3 Step RMS Glam Look

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