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Bottle of cough syrup

Beekeeper's Naturals

B.Soothed Cough Syrup



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Feeling lousy? B.Soothed is a clean cough syrup made with nature’s most powerful science-backed defenders to help you bounce back. Armed with pure buckwheat honey (one of the world’s most antioxidant rich honeys), elderberry, and more, B.Soothed fights coughs and sore throats, and fortifies your immune system for a full recovery.

  • Beekeepers Naturals works with their apiary partners to ensure that all bee products are sustainably-sourced and of the highest quality.
  • Bees play a vital role in our lives! Learn more about how you can support bee populations here. 


Locally Made

Palm Oil Free



Unpasteurized buckwheat honey, elderberry fruit extract, chaga mushroom extract, bee propolis, grape seed extract, olive leaf extract, glycerin, purified water, citric acid, potassium sorbate.

Let’s go over what’s NOT inside: there’s no drugs, dirty chemicals, refined sugars, dyes, added flavors, gluten, soy, cheap fillers, or anything unnecessary. This is a clean & simple cough syrup you can feel good about.

We started with pure buckwheat honey, one of the most powerful and antioxidant rich honeys in the world. While many other honey-based cough syrups use pasteurized honey (which is no better than refined sugar), we keep our honey unpasteurized so as to preserve its unique benefits.

From there, we formulated this cough syrup with nature’s most potent recovery supporters, like elderberry, chaga, propolis, and olive leaf. These ingredients work together to ensure that your body has what it needs to fend off tough bugs and feel better. Get excited to breathe through your nose again.

How To

Got a tickle in your throat? Feeling a little lousy? Take one dose (2 tsp) every 2-3 hours. Take up to 4 times daily, or as directed by a physician.

For adults and children ages 12+. Shake well before use.


Good Health & Well Being

Responsible Consumption & Production

Climate Action

Life on Land

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Meet theBrand

Beekeeper's Naturals

Beekeeper's Naturals is on a mission to create clean and natural remedies for your medicine cabinet. They are equally passionate about saving the bees, key players in our ecosystem. They partner with small-scale apiaries and have 3rd party pesticide testing to ensure their hives are chemical-free. By ensuring the beehives are not overharvested, they help keep bees happy and healthy.

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