Group of clear quartz crystals grouped together on white background. clear quartz crystals next to yellow and light purple flowers 3 clear quartz crystals 1 (2)
Group of clear quartz crystals grouped together on white background.


Clear Quartz Crystal Point



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One of the best crystals for setting intentions, Clear Quartz helps you get clear on your goals and then bring them to fruition. To work with Clear Quartz properties, first start by identifying your intention.

On a cellular level, both Raw Quartz and the human body are made up of silicon-dioxide—a mineral that fuels communication and attracts energy. Due to this, there is an interactive relationship between the quartz and your energy. Its programmability allows it to hold your specific, focused intention, holding the space for you even when you cannot. These Raw Quartz Crystal Points are perfect for directing healing energy in body layouts, making crystal grids and energizing your meditations.

Clear quartz points raw minerals. Perfect pocket rocks, healing powers. Quartz crystals have long been associated with freedom, creativity, positive energy, and healing.

Points measure 1.25-2″ in length. Size and shapes will vary.

Learn how to use crystals with your daily positive affirmations here!



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Liv Rocks is a curated collection of nature's bounty + found beauty. As a healing crystals + metaphysical brand we ethically source Earth's gems from all over the globe. Shop our ethically sourced bulk metaphysical crystal healing products, chakra stones, meditation home decor, pendulums, sage smudge bundles + more at wholesale prices that will make your soul happy. In 2017 Liv, then 9 years old, started bringing crystals and pocket stones to children in her classroom as she found it helped them feel less anxious. More parents and kids wanted crystal sets, minerals or assorted rocks so organically Liv Rocks was born. We now offer healing crystals, home decor + unique metaphysical products for your home + office. Thanks for supporting a KIDpreneur and I hope you love all the pieces, sets, accessories and jewelry that my shop offers. We are based in Northern CA.

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