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2x cans of Plant-Based Protein Unflavored (Total 30 servings, $3 per day) – Four Sigmatic Plant-Based Protein with Superfoods is an overachieving protein powder. Not just for muscles, it has full-body benefits that include immune system and overall wellness support. And it’s unflavored so you can mix it with fruits and vegetables or drink it straight up in your favorite shaker.

This is like your own personal solar farm. It’s plant-based, packed with functional mushrooms and adaptogens, and free of gums, fillers, and artificial flavors. Everything your body needs to replenish and nothing it doesn’t.

  • No gums, no fillers, no stevia, no “natural flavors.” Only Mother Nature’s secret stash of superfoods.
  • Packing 18 g of sustainably sourced plant-based protein, 1000 mg of functional mushrooms, and 500 mg of adaptogens.

Certified Organic

Fair Trade

Locally Made

Palm Oil Free


Organic Plant-based Protein (18 g per serving), Organic Chaga Mushroom (200 mg per serving), Organic Reishi Mushroom (200 mg per serving)
Organic Cordyceps Mushroom (200 mg per serving), Organic Lion’s Mane Mushroom (200 mg per serving), Organic Turkey Tail Mushroom (200 mg per serving), Organic Ashwagandha (250 mg per serving), Organic Eleuthero (250 mg per serving), Other ingredients.

How To

How to use Four Sigmatic Plant-Based Protein: Unflavored and open-minded. Add it to your favorite smoothie or shake it in a shaker.


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