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Breathe easy with these sinus clearing supplements. They are the hard working natural alternative for all allergy sufferers. With no dyes or fillers, this non drowsy allergy relief enlists tinospora, nettles, butterbur, and spirulina to battle stuffy noses, tension headaches, and itchy eyes.

  • Daily sinus support from common irritants like pollen and dust.
  • Includes 60 servings for 30 full days of defense (2 servings per day recommended)

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Ingredients: Clinically proven Tinospora, Nettles, Butterbur, and Spirulina

How To

How to use: Take two capsules, twice daily.

Store in a cool, dry place. Keep out of reach of children.


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Creating a new standard for the medicine cabinet, Hilma is a women-founded company that makes clean remedies available. Hilma's products are free of dyes and fillers, and have <1g of sugar. All of their products are scientifically backed and tested. They also run their own clinical research on each of their products.

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