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Meet the Pildora Blossom Candle, our latest collaboration with Le Coco Candles! We hand picked our favorite scents,  chrysanthemum, patchouli, and orange oil for an earthy yet fresh scent that will bring your space to life, or compliment a relaxing atmosphere. Notes of chrysanthemum invite happiness and love into your space, while patchouli oil invites healing, and orange invites healing and prosperity.
  • 6 oz candle
  • Notes: chrysanthemum, patchouli, and orange oil
  • Wax: natural apricot and coconut
  • Burn time: 35-40 hours | recommended burn time per usage is 3-5 hours
  • Trimming the wick after each burn is recommended
Handmade in small batches of five at a time, with 100% lead free cotton wicks, Pildora Blossom is as sustainable as she is divine. The natural wax in the candle is also skin safe and can be used as a moisturizer when melted. Don’t forget to reuse your tin vessel when your candle is out!

No dyes, additives, paraffin oils or animal product are used. 



Locally Made

Palm Oil Free

Small Batch



Wax: Coconut and apricot wax
Scents: Chrysanthemum, patchouli and orange oils

How To

Please trim your wicks before every burn, this allows a clean burn and extends the life of your candle.



Responsible Consumption & Production

Partnerships for UN Goals

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