Fat and the moon 2oz pimple mud, fat and the moon all cream, quartz point crystal, sold as a bundle of 3 items
Fat and the moon 2oz pimple mud, fat and the moon all cream, quartz point crystal, sold as a bundle of 3 items Model with pimple mud jar open and using few dots on her face Female model holding all cream lotion, and applying to her shoulder. Hair wrapped up in towel Quartz Point Crystal

A Zen Night In Bundle

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$35.95 $32

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The time for self-care is now! Introducing, The Pildora Zen Night In Bundle created to cleanse and relieve any and all signs of stress from your skin. With a moisturizing ‘all cream’, pimple mud to tame any irritations, and a crystal to bring positive energy and clear your space this sustainable clean kit is the perfect gift to treat-yo-self or a friend.

Fat and the Moon Pimple Mud: Got Maskne? No need to attack the face with harsh chemicals which usually ends up making things worse for the skin and environment in the long run! Better to hone in on the breakout and use the drawing properties that occur in this clay. Purchase individually or learn more here!

Fat and the Moon 2 oz All Cream: This cream is truly an ‘all’ cream. Super juicy, protecting and hydrating for face and body and a little goes a long way. Purchase individually or learn more here!

Liv Rocks Quartz Point Crystal: Clear quartz points raw minerals. Perfect pocket rocks, healing powers. Quartz crystals have long been associated with freedom, creativity, positive energy, and healing. Purchase individually or learn more here!



Cruelty Free

Palm Oil Free

How To

All Cream: A little scoop of this thick and luscious cream will take you far. For stellar results, apply after cleansing when your skin is still a bit damp. Makes for a lovely day and night cream. Best when used within 4 months of purchase, if you stick it in the fridge it will last twice as long. Store in a cool and dry place.
Pimple Mud: Apply to that pimple and let the mud dry, then rinse off. Use as a spot treatment or as a full mask. Please use within 6 months of purchase. Store in a cool and dry place. Our products are organic and freshly made to order skin food. We do not use toxins that make things last forever.


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Pildora is an online community for sustainable fashion, accessories, and beauty brands centered on wellness, environmental consciousness and self-love. Our mission is to create a community around clean living and sustainability through our online shop. Sustainability is a lifestyle that starts with you.

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