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Having a creative block? Just starting your creative journey? Want a creative escape? Believe us, this journal is what you are looking for. This Kim Krans’s illustrated journal will take you step by step into your creative awakening. Each page contains different contents that will help you not only exploit you creativeness, but also enliven your mystic side.

Discover page by page Kim Krans’s amazing mystic illustrations as well as your more spiritual side while having fun and losing yourself into your imaginativeness.

The Wild Unknown is a brand built by an artist called Kim Krans who has studied in depth yoga and shamanism in India, Africa, Europe and the UK. She hosts workshops that help people boost their creativity and personal transformation through meditation, art and movement.

For a better experience, you could use this journal while also using our Palo Santo Myst or the crystal smudge sticks.


Palm Oil Free


How To

The only rule is that there are no rules.

But if you want a more elevated experience, you could set the ambience in a way that inspires you and highness your creative mood. You could some incense, some palo santo, candles or items the best suit you.


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