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The Wild Unknown How to Not Always Be Working Booby Marlee Grace where she offers advice as well as activities to help define your work, your sense of purpose and the relationship with yourselves and others. Through this book she intends to help others balance different aspects in their lives so they can feel connected and more productive in their everyday life.

Why we love it:

  • Helps people who feel anxious and overwhelmed.
  • Anyone can apply her tactics to their everyday life.
  • She gives activities that help you examine your behaviour.
  • Impulses you to live better and connect with your own self.
  • Shares personal experiences for relation purposes.

After helping people through workshops Marlee Grace brings her methods to a book where she offers ways to improve focus in our lives.



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112 pages

How To

Read Wild Unknown How to Not Always Be Working Book when feeling overwhelmed at work and in the need of some balance between the personal and professional.


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The Wild Unknown

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