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The Wild Unknown Spiritual Animal Deck Cards are a boxed set that include 63 full color cards with mystic animals that will help you get started on your spiritual journey towards healing and opening up to a wellness lifestyle.

The cards will provide insight on personal experiences, relationships, behaviours, amongst others. The cards come with a guided book that helps you better understand each card and what it means, you just have to apply it to the situation, person or aspect you are trying to look into and you will have a great tool for a better understanding of why things are going a certain way.

The Wild Unknown is a brand built by an artist called Kim Krans who has studied in depth yoga and shamanism in India, Africa, Europe and the UK. She hosts workshops that help people boost their creativity and personal transformation through meditation, art and movement.

You can combine the meditation with Quartz Points Crystals or the Amethyst Clusters.



Palm Oil Free



SIZE: 5x8in
Deck Includes: 63 full color cards
Book Includes: 208 pages

How To

The Ritual:

Use this spread to see what is going on with you and another person. Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of the relationship spread. It holds a mirror up to your heart.

  1. You
  2. The other person
  3. The Shadow Dynamic
  4. The Illuminating Dynamic

For better results, enhance the ambience of the room with scented candles, healing smudge sticks or organic palo santo.



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Wild Unknown

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