The Wild Unknown

Wild Unknown Vibrate Higher Book



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In this book Lalah Delia shares her method on how to gain you inner power back and obtain control over the circumstances that hurt us and the ones keeping us from achieving our truest most higher self. When learning how to control our power we can reach a more positive vibration way of living.

What we love about this book:

  • Helps manage the power from within.
  • Guides reach a higher vibration.
  • Uses tools such as mantras, affirmations and poetry to gain control back.
  • Changes mindsets, behaviours and habits.

For a better reading experience and enhancement of the ambience combine with Quartz Points Crystals and Floral Tasting Tea Collection.



Palm Oil Free



Trimsize: 6x8in
Pages: 240 pages

How To

Wild Unknown Vibrate Higher Book is a manifesto for stepping into our power and helping you reach your higher self. Read when you are feeling like you’ve lost your power or that others negative energy is affecting you.


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The Wild Unknown

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