Canceling Orders

Once an order is placed you will receive an initial email with your purchase order number and a follow up email with a tracking number once your product has been shipped.

If the order has not yet been shipped, you must request to cancel the order within 24 hours unless otherwise specified by the designer. This can be done by checking each designer’s profile and policy by clicking into the designer’s brand name.

  1. To request a cancelation email the Pildora team directly at
  2. We will put you in contact with the designer to confirm if a cancelation or exchange is accepted.
  3. If it is accepted Pildora will cancel the order.

If you have any issues or questions contact us directly at


You can check the shipping status of your order by using the tracking information provided in the confirmation email after purchasing an item. If you have more questions about your shipment, or if tracking information isn’t available, contact ​ for help.

Returns + Exchanges

Each designer on Pildora is responsible for their own policies regarding refunds, exchanges, and returns. Policies vary from designer to designer.

Before purchasing, review the shop’s Returns & exchanges policy. You can find the designer’s policies on their profile page under ​Shipping & Returns​.

If you are looking to return an item you must contact the Pildora team at Please check each designer’s policy regarding if they accept returns and exchanges.

If they do, you must contact the Pildora team ​within 7 days​ of delivery for domestic items, and ​within 14 days​ of delivery for international items to be considered for a return unless otherwise specified by the designer.

The return will be processed by Pildora. If the designer offers returns you will receive the full refund from Pildora minus any shipping costs or international customs you may have paid for. Customers may be required to pay the return shipping fees.

  1. To request a return email the Pildora team directly at
  2. We will put you in contact with the designer to confirm where you will send the product back to.
  3. If the return is accepted Pildora will refund you through your original payment method.

Customs fees will not be refunded for international purchases.

Once a return has been processed, allow 7-10 business days before the refund is deposited.

Other issues with your order? We are here to help!
Email with your concern and order number.

What should I do if the designer doesn’t accept returns?

If the designer doesn’t accept returns, you may be able to open a case with Pildora by emailing You can open a case if your order wasn’t as it was described on Pildora.


Sellers are not required to accept a return or exchange unless stated in their individual return policies. If you are willing to accept a return, be sure to clarify the below with the customer:
  • Where customers should send the item.
  • What time frame the customer should send back their item.
  • Who is responsible for the cost of return shipping, if not already stated in your shop's policies.

Pildora Designer Return Policy

Accepting returns is not required, but if you do, you must work within the Pildora Policy to receive your seller fees back (shipping + international customs).

Once a customer receives their package, the customer will have 7 days to request a return unless otherwise specified in your store’s return policies.

Customers will request returns to the Pildora team directly at If you do receive a cancelation, exchange, or return request from a customer directly you must notify the Pildora team within 24 hours.

Once you confirm that a refund is valid and notify Pildora, we will be responsible for refunding customers through our marketplace. However, if you have already been paid for the purchase, Pildora will send you an invoice to make up for these costs.

  1. Pildora will refund the customer the full purchase amount including domestic taxes, minus shipping. Pildora will refund the shipping and international customs costs to the designer in most cases, however, if it is past the 7 day policy it is up for question.
  2. If the designer has the funds, Pildora refunds the customer the full amount minus shipping and customs. Pildora will then issue an invoice to the designer for the full amount minus shipping and customs.

Shipping and customs are reimbursed to sellers every 30 days with other payments.

Domestic taxes will be sent into applicable states by Pildora.

  1. If the customer receives a refund, they will receive their domestic taxes back.
  2. International customs fees will not be refunded. This will be returned to the designer or kept by Pildora depending on the situation.

Pildora requires all designers to provide excellent customer care. If returns are requested, response within 24-48 hours is expected.