Sustainability | 2 Jun, 2021

Shop 4 Good with Beam Impact: LES Ecological Center

by Christina Almeida

At Pildora we believe that Living Consciously means bringing intention to all aspects of our daily lives. As a curated sustainable marketplace, that means looking at each step of the shopping experience to see how we can do better. We’ve partnered with Beam Impact to make supporting world changing organizations integral to the way you shop with us! Here’s how it works: shop and check out like normal, choose between four powerful non-profits, and Pildora will donate 2% of your purchase at no cost to you. 

Each week of this month we will be highlighting one of the organizations we’re partnering with. 

LES Ecological Center

If you live in New York City, you know how important green spaces are for our mental health. Something as little as a well-kept tree box can brighten your morning walk to work. For that, and so much else, New York has the LES Ecological Center (LEC) to thank. Founded in the 80’s, the LEC has been working for forty years towards a more sustainable NYC by setting up community-based recycling and composting programs and educating New Yorkers. Below are some of their incredible initiatives! 

NYC Compost Project 

A study in the American Journal of Agricultural Economics found that an average American household wastes a third of their food! To fight food waste, LEC organizes a city-wide compost collection and redistribution program – because compost is not just trash, it’s nutrient rich bio material that is perfect for gardening! To spread the mission, LEC also hosts workshops teaching about home composting and more advanced composting skills. They also train a core group of ambassadors every year to develop, maintain, and revitalize other community composting projects. 

E-Waste Project 

On the very opposite end of biodegradable food waste, there’s e-waste. Unfortunately, not everyone knows that our old laptops, stereo’s, and cellphones need to be recycled in their own special way, and the failure to properly recycle e-waste is extremely detrimental to the environment. According to the E.P.A., electronic waste contributes disproportionately to toxic contamination from landfills: e-waste is responsible for 70% of the toxins found in landfills despite providing only 1% of their total volume. E-waste contains many toxic materials, including lead, mercury, cadmium, phosphors and flame-retardants. Since 2003, LEC has offered e-waste reuse and recycling programs and has diverted over 100,000,000 million pounds of unwanted electronics out of the waste stream.

Environmental Education

In order to change the world, we need everyone on board! That’s why LEC offers educational programs to New Yorkers of all ages. The Food Justice Program not only plants fruits and veggies in community gardens, but teaches community members how to sustainably harvest and prepare healthy and nutritious meals. Those precious tree boxes we mentioned? Through the LEC Street Tree Care program, you can learn all about the urban trees that give our city oxygen, and how to take care of them. Finally, the LEC Waterfront Education program offer a unique opportunity to fish and learn about Hudson River Estuary, flora, fauna, and pollution sources and prevention! 

When you shop for good and choose to support the Lower East Side Ecological center, our donation on your behalf will go toward funding supplies to compost 20 lbs. of food scraps in NYC, reducing 30 lbs. of carbon emissions!