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Our Mission


is a network and community for sustainability

Our online store is a one stop shop for sustainable fashion. We are here to revolutionize the industry and create meaningful connections between designers and consumers all over the world. Our goal is to eliminate the stigma around sustainable fashion and give sustainable designers a voice via our platform.

Our shop, content, and events are vehicles for change. Online, Pildora leads people to shop consciously without sacrificing their style. At our events, we create networking spaces for industry leader and innovators to come together to create real impact, while enjoying unforgettable experiences.

Pildora's Sustainability Attributes

All of our products align with one or more attribute


By utilizing handcrafted techniques, there are fewer emissions than mass-produced items, fashion is personal, the design process is valued, and will last a lifetime with its high-quality.

Small Batch

The brand produces its goods in small amounts, which uses less energy, creates less excess waste and creates a more unique good.


Upcycling reuses with the intention to create a product of higher quality than the original, utilizing any materials that would have otherwise ended up in landfills


The brand gives back to many different social and environmental causes.

Fair Trade

Protects worker rights and ensures garment workers are given fair wages, under safe working conditions.

Made Locally

Based locally in relation to the designer and where their supply chain is located to support the local economy.

Zero Waste

This brand has shown that they divert excess materials from landfills by reusing or recycling. This also includes items that were designed with zerowaste patterning methods.

Recycled Materials

Using materials that have been made from fibers from old fabrics, post/pre-industrial waste or plastic bottles that would otherwise end up in landfills.


This item has been sourced second-hand, giving it a new life.


The product can be fully recycled in the future.

Certified Organic

Using natural fibers that were not grown or treated with pesticides and/or other toxic chemicals that can harm human and environmental health.

Gots Certified

The natural fibers used were grown in accordance with the Global Organic Textile Standards and has been processed with sustainability in mind.

Rws certified Wool

The wool used was produced in accordance with the Responsible Wool Standard.


Products that do not contain any animal skins or animal by-product.


Products do not contain any animal skins.


Products that have not been tested on animals.

Palm oil free

Products do not contain any palm oil that causes deforestation.

Sustainable Development Goals

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is committed to support the global UN sustainability development goals


is proud to partner with
Conscious Fashion Campaign

Carbon Footprint Matters


is proud to partner with CLIMATE FUTURES to offset our carbon footprint