Wellness | 22 Jul, 2021

The Self-Love Rituals That We Can’t Live Without

by Christina Almeida

In honor of National Self-Care Day, the Pildora team shared their go-to self-love rituals. Self-love is the practice of appreciation for oneself that grows from actions that support our physical, emotional and spiritual growth. In the midst of this chaotic world, join us in taking a moment to self-love. 

Pildora Founder & CEO: Christina’s Self-Love Ritual

“Daily meditation has become a huge part of how I self-love and self-care now that I’m sober. On my recent trip to Europe, I was terrified of feeling like a stranger in familiar cities due to the limitations of being sober (that I now realize don’t exist). Thankfully, my trip to Barcelona came before my trip to Paris and in Barcelona, I discovered that yes, I can meditate, yes, I can be loved while sober, yes, I can have fun while sober, and yes, I can love myself while sober.

I have decided: when I wake up, every morning, before the hustle and bustle of the world, I will commit at least 5 minutes to just sit in silence and let my inner world be silent. I am experimenting with journaling after these short meditations; if I don’t, I make sure to almost always end with my gratitude practice and affirmations.

My first instinct in the morning is still to grab my phone and to start going, working, emailing… I think that we all have the instinct to go go go. That’s why meditation is a practice. I show myself compassion as we all should and continue to work on myself daily.”

Sustainability and Design Manager: Helena’s Self-Love Ritual

“During the beginning of the pandemic I challenged myself to meditate consistently for 30 days and build up to a 1 hour meditation. I always heard that it was life changing, and I wanted to really dive in and see the results for myself. Although some days were tough, and it wasn’t necessarily the life altering change I thought I would feel after the challenge, but the moments of stillness were comforting and some days I was surprised how I could stay still for so long. Currently I try to do a 10 minute meditation a few times a week as part of my self-care ritual, to remember to take time to be still and breathe.”

Director of Operations: Catherine’s Self-Love Ritual

“I love to practice self-love by making time for relaxing and re-working the interior design of my NYC loft. I love to repurpose old candles and already existing items into new beautiful pieces. I recently did so with small voluspa candles containers that I used as planters for small succulents. Sustainable and trendy Viola!”

Marketing Manager: Rachel’s Self-Love Ritual

“A self-care and self-love ritual I enjoy is sitting on my balcony in the mornings reading a book and enjoying my favorite iced coffee. Looking out at the view and enjoying the simple things help me find peace and moments of stillness. I find the act of creating this space for myself at the start of the day to be critical for stress management; everything just tends to be a little bit easier when I read a book, look at nature, or enjoy a cup of coffee before getting a (very busy) day started.”

Social Media Specialist: Angelika’s Self-Love Ritual

“My favorite way to self-care is—without a doubt—spending time with my two kitties. (Yes, this counts as self-care! Hey, there’s a reason why cat cafes exist). Even as I type this, my chubby angel Ace is meowching at me (my boyfriend calls it “squeaking”—Ace doesn’t really meow, he just periodically releases this high-pitched yet guttural, short call for affection). I have two cats, Skye (13 yrs old, female) and Ace (11.5 years old, male).

I’ve had both kitties since I was young; I grew up with them. Ace’s and Skye’s ties to my past probably have a lot to do with why their joint presence is so vital to my self-care. When I spend time with my kitties, I immediately feel at home; familiar; safe. If you saw the three of us together, you’d probably draw comparisons to how people behave towards each other after being friends (or romantic partners) for a very long time.

Ace and Skye, being older, don’t play much anymore. My self-care with them manifests in a different way that most would think (I believe). Both kitties are very attached to me and rarely leave my side. I like to work and write on unconventional surfaces (the carpet/the ground is my favorite) and I can’t describe to you the sense of comfort I get by just laying on the ground, fingers tapping away at keys as both kitties snuggle nearby (Skye doesn’t like too much touch, and prefers to keep one body part—a tail, a paw—touching me; Ace is a lap kitty).

Ace will find me on the hour (it seems) and meowch (squeak) until I pick him up, newborn baby-style (cradled in the arms). While this may sound annoying (and there are many times where it has been), often his timing is immaculate; in the sense that, he always find me when I’m stressed or focused on the wrong things. Ace is very floofy (some say “chonky”) so to snuggle him is a particular joy—I love to burrow my nose in his tummy (he has the softest fur—naturally—so soft that we’ve had several friends ask us if we use “special shampoo” to make him so). While my hourly snuggle session with Ace is often short-lived (I can’t indulge him long, especially when I’m working), it always does the trick for my state of my mind: calming me down, returning me to the present moment.

Honestly? If it weren’t for my cats, I’d probably find it hard to even set aside time for myself to self-care. I’m a perfectionistic workaholic that cares too much and works through the night too often—I don’t get enough sleep and forget to eat all the time. Thankfully, my kitties have been with me long enough to know that they need to remind me to sleep/eat. I’ve noticed that they’ll lead me to the kitchen (to serve them food) when they’re not even hungry (I always end up grabbing a bite—being in the kitchen makes me realize how long it’s been since I last ate). And for sleep? Ace and Skye seem to take turns, but one of them effectively puts me to bed every night of the week. The sweetest lullaby, at least to me, is a kitty purring rhythmically on the chest—like a faint motor, or the sweetest white noise, slowly rocking my brain to sleep…