Community | 14 Apr, 2021

This Vegan Protein Powder Company Wants You to Make Performance Personal

by Christina Almeida

Introducing Form Nutrition, a company whose philosophy is just as impressive as their vegan nutrition products. To shed some light on the inner workings of Form, we looked to Natalia Bojanic, cofounder and brand director, for insight. A spiritual person herself, Natalia’s journey into mindfulness and meditation has grown in tandem with her career at Form. It’s all the more unsurprising then, that Form’s philosophy is centered around consciousness and the desire to do better for yourself, others, and the world.

“The initial idea was never to be a protein brand, but to be a lifestyle brand. To understand this concept that wellness is a part of your lifestyle and not separate from who you are,” says Natalia.

It all started five years ago when Form CEO Damion Soon decided he wanted to introduce a vegan protein powder to the world that looked and tasted great and didn’t compromise when it came to natural ingredients that worked. At the time (and still today) the world of protein was dominated by hyper-masculine images of body builders. As Natalia puts it, “Damion wanted to create something that you didn’t have to be embarrassed about having on your kitchen counter and that was natural and good for you.” 

With a complete amino acid profile, and 30 grams of vegan protein, Form has delivered on the natural and good for you promises with their Performance Protein. But like any great companies, they take it one step further by acknowledging that nourishment is not only about your food, but your mind. Unfortunately, traditional protein is not just “ugly on the inside, with nasty ingredients,” as Natalia puts it, but “ugly on the outside, with marketing strategies that play on people’s insecurities, like body shaming.” 

Instead of creating unrealistic standards for consumers, Natalia wants people to connect with Form in an authentic way, to feel loved and valued. Form breaks the mold of insecurity based connection by recognizing that performance is personal, and so are our goals. “Performance looks different for a busy mother, or a runner, or a business woman. Performance is there for you to define. And as a brand we want to support your performance.”

Performance is personal, but Form’s philosophy extends far beyond taking care of the individual. Form believes that plant based nutrition is not just the future of personal health, but the health of the planet and the wellbeing of animals. Coming from a spiritual lens herself, Natalia recognizes that the other is you, there is no distinction. This bolsters the importance of lending your life to the service of others.

“Imagine how the world would be if everyone acted to benefit each other? This is not wishful thinking, it’s 100% achievable. Each one of us in our spheres of impact can contribute. It’s just the mindset and the true intention in what you’re doing that’s going to elevate,” says Natalia.

Form puts this philosophy into action in many ways, and one of the most unique is Natalia’s practice of Metta Meditation. Also called “Love and Kindness Meditation,” Metta Meditation is the practice of visualizing a person or group, and sending them well wishes. Natalia practices this with everyone in the Form family, from suppliers and manufacturers to digital influencers and press.

As a startup committed to making the world a better place, it was integral to the Form team to acknowledge the level of privilege inherent within the choice to add extra protein in your diet, when there are those who go without even the basic nourishment. In response to this, The Form Feeding Fund was set up in connection with Bansang Hospital in Gambia. At the beginning the idea was to feed mothers and caretakers who would take their children out of treatment early because they couldn’t afford food for themselves. While, the hospital provides food for the children, they couldn’t provide food for the grandmother, father, or mother. With the Form Feeding Fund it meant that the family would not have to withdraw the patient and go home because of lack of funds. As Form grew, and had more funds, the program extended to provide for all areas of the hospital.

It’s not everyday you find a brand so dedicated to their values. This kind of commitment to a 360 approach to nourishment of individual and collective is why we at Pildora are fans of not only their vegan protein powder, but their other suppliments as well. Form also makes Boost energy supplements that harness the power of Nootropics and ZZZs natural sleeping aids. Just because you use need protein, doesn’t mean you’re excluded from the movement!