Community | 31 Jul, 2021

So You’ve Decided To Visit Colorado: A Practical Travel Guide

by Christina Almeida

Colorado is a beautiful state, teeming with wildlife and jaw-dropping natural sights. Before embarking on your adventure, make sure you know what to bring and what to do (and not do) once you get there.

Fast Tips for Visiting Colorado: A Bullet Point Overview

When in Colorado, Bring A Tent!

When En Route to Colorado, Drive!

When Thinking About Seasons, Go to Colorado in the Summer

When Packing for Colorado, Plan for Every Weather Condition

When Packing for Colorado, Bring a Pair of GOOD Walking Shoes

When Packing for Colorado, Bring Your Day Trip Essentials

Day Trip Essentials You NEED to Pack for Colorado

An external battery for your phone (etc.)

A backpack and fanny pack (ideally)

A refillable water bottle 

Bug spray, sunscreen

First-aid kit

Poncho or rain gear

Suggestions for Your Itinerary: A Bullet Point Overview

“Things You Should Know” or How to Be a Good Tourist in Colorado

Colorado’s vast expanses of seemingly utopian nature aren’t a coincidence; Colorado’s government and populace work hard to maintain, protect, and preserve. Be a good tourist by respecting their efforts and educating yourself on both what to do and what NOT to do while visiting Colorado.

Don’t pick the wildflowers!

It’s actually illegal to pick wildflowers in Colorado state parks. Why? Because picking wildflowers damages the ecosystem. There are species of wildflowers in Colorado that are so rare that they are actually protected by the state! If in doubt, make sure to ask park staff for a field guide before going on a trail.

Don’t go off-trail!

Trails don’t sprout up in parks and wildlife areas overnight. They are carefully planned by conservations, the State, and various other parties. When you go off-trail, you aren’t just trampling various wildflowers and destroying the small ecosystems of various bugs. You could also be potentially changing the terrain, altering the carefully-planned trails and causing real damage to the balance between nature and humanity that everyone worked so hard to find.