Manifesting, Wellness | 21 Dec, 2021


by Christina Almeida

What Is Manifestation?

Manifesting has never been more popular, from money-making mantras to business empires, tall tales of how people have manifested their dreams are all over the media these days. So I guess it’s time to jump on board, right? We too should be manifesting these multi-million-dollar deals.. I mean if they can, why not us! 

But wait, what the f*** does manifesting really mean?? A quick google search tells me that manifesting is “bringing something tangible into your life through attraction and belief, i.e., if you think it, it will come.” Now I don’t know about you, but I don’t find that definition particularly helpful, so let’s dive a little deeper. 

What is manifestation?

Manifestation is using the visual field in order to co-create your reality. Yes, “co-create.” We could get quite technical here but the concept can actually be quite simple. First we acknowledge that only the present moment exists, only a constant present that goes in one direction. The past is energy spent faded into a universal memory, the present is current energy being absorbed by our system, and the future is just energy that exists as a set of possibilities but has not yet been manifested in our present reality. In this moment, absolutely everything and every possibility is possible and can be manifested in your future, an infinite amount of possibilities. 

Think of your brain and your body as your computer and hardware, but your consciousness as your connection to energy and the universe (i.e., God, Goddess, greater good…). Through this connection you are also connected to all other energy and consciousness in the universe, and so all possibilities. 

So why does this all matter? 

Because manifestation is not as simple as thinking something and then becoming it, but instead it is working energetically with the universal consciousness to connect with the future possibilities you wish for, moving beyond your hardware and your physical body through visualization and energy work to consciously be in those future possibilities—meanwhile, directing and leading the way for your physical body to be exactly where you want to be. 

Sound crazy? Maybe.. Ask the girl who’s making six figures after she changed her perception and visualized herself running her own business or ask the guy who always knew he was going to change the world through building an impactful empire even though he grew up poor. They saw themselves in their future reality and they worked with the universe to make it so. 

One thing is for sure—when you change your perception, your whole world changes. Manifesting is not just for dreamers. It’s a practice and an acknowledgment that you can and will create your own reality.