Wellness | 5 May, 2021

Your Guide to Crystal Cleansing, Activation & Programming

by Christina Almeida

Positive affirmations and rituals, how could we talk about all this without mentioning their companion, CRYSTALS?! We think crystals belong in every person’s home, but you can’t just sit your crystal down on your window sill for the aesthetic and expect to reap the spiritual benefits. In order for your crystals to work for you, YOU need to work for them. Here’s how.


Whenever you receive a new crystal, the first step is to cleanse it. While cleansing can be done solely through meditation, there are ways to incorporate other rituals into crystal cleansing as well. Burying your crystal, called earth cleansing, entails allowing the energy of the earth to neutralize your crystal. Leave your crystal underground for one day & night cycle, or if you have the time, one moon cycle. If you don’t feel like digging around, a salt cleanse uses rock salt to absorb any static energy in your crystal. Fully submerge your crystal in salt and then run under cold flowing water. Flowing water is another way to cleanse a crystal on its own. To get the most out of this practice, leave your crystal in the shallow part of a creek, or other gently flowing natural water source. Make sure it doesn’t get washed away! 

Smudging and sound baths are great ways to cleanse energy in a space, and (you guessed it) crystals as well. With these practices, and all of them, make sure to move with intention. If your energy is off or you’re distracted the ritual may not be fully effective.



After cleansing, it’s time to wake up the natural powers of your crystals through activation! The larger the crystal, the more energy required to activate it. The most popular way is through a crystal grid. Chose a geometric shape, like a star, polygon, pentacle or grid and place the crystal you need activated in the center. The energy will transfer from the other crystals, into the new one! Natural energy activation can also be used to awaken your crystal. Natural occurrences like fires, thunderstorms, a crashing ocean or a significant full moon, contain large amounts of energy that can be channeled into your crystal. Just make sure you don’t directly place into a fire, or get it lost in the ocean! High altitudes like mountain tops are also great places to naturally activate your crystals. 


Programming a crystal means embuing the energy of the crystal with a specific intention. To program a crystal, first turn inwards and reflect on the goal of your programming. Do you want to use this crystal to invite love into your life, or maybe deal with anxiety? Feel this intention deep within you, and make sure that it is meaningful. Next, translate this intention into a simple affirmation. Make sure that your statement is clear and uncomplicated. 

To translate this affirmation your crystal, one practice is to write it on a piece of paper and place the crystal on top. Another method is to focus on the intentioned statement. Holding the crystal in your hands near your face, you breath in the palm of your hand, focus on the thought, and blow out onto the crystal. Lastly, you can transfer affirmations to crystals by holding your cleansed crystal in your hand and stating your affirmation out loud or by meditating on it. Ideally, both! Which ever method you choose, doing so barefoot with your feet on natural ground and underneath sun or moonlight will help will harmonious energy transfer. 

Cleansing and programming your crystals are not just things that should be done when you first acquire them. When left uncared for, crystals can become heavy with outside energy and even tainted by negativity. For proper crystal upkeep, it’s best to cleanse your crystals ritually. That allows you to strengthen your intention by reaffirming it or even set new ones! 

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